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Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer, Organic Producers, Gardeners and Small Vegetable Producers

Our company, Valley Sales & Service Ltd., has taught about developing & manufacturing small 1 row equipment like planters, hillers and diggers, etc…

All these equipment are suited for tractors from 15 HP to 30 HP.

With all the high prices lately, especially for groceries of fruits and vegetables, it may be the best time for families to think about producing their own food.

Why not get ready for our unknown future?

Valley Sales & Service Ltd., manufactures a wide variety of agricultural equipment solutions for the hobby farmer. Hobby farm equipment can sometimes be very expensive, at Valley Sales & Service Ltd., we select quality components for manufacturing small equipment to our clients that won’t break your budget without leaving you with unnecessary supplies that you don’t need. Small organic farms is just as important to us as the largest farms we service. At Valley Sales & Service Ltd. we have the farm equipment solution that can be delivered right to your location.